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How to Reset Your Garage Door After Power Outage

How to Reset Your Garage Door After Power Outage

Tips for Manually Operating Your Garage Door in a Power Outage

– Power outages can cause your garage door to become unresponsive
– Tools needed: a ladder, a flashlight, and a stepladder
– Disconnect the garage door opener from the power source
– Locate the manual release cord and pull it down to disconnect the trolley from the opener carriage
– Lift the garage door manually by grabbing the handles on the side of the door
– Use the stepladder to support the door in an open position
– Be cautious and watch for any obstacles or debris that may impede the door’s movement
– When power is restored, follow these steps to reset your garage door:
– Ensure the garage door is in the closed position
– Reconnect the trolley to the opener carriage by pulling down on the manual release cord
– Test the garage door to ensure it is functioning properly

How to Reset Your Garage Door After Regaining Power

– Power outages can cause the garage door opener’s programming to be lost
– Locate the “learn” button on the opener unit
– Press and hold the “learn” button until the indicator light turns off
– Press and release the “learn” button again, and then press the remote control button to reprogram it
– Test the garage door opener to ensure it is working correctly

Closing paragraph:

Having a power outage can be frustrating, especially if it leaves your garage door inoperable. However, with the right knowledge and caution, you can manually operate your garage door and reset it after the power is restored. Remember, the safety of yourself and your property is of utmost importance, so it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional garage door repair service like A Brooks Garage Door Repair and Installs to ensure that your garage door is functioning correctly and to avoid any unnecessary damage. They offer expert repair and installation services, so you can rely on them to get your garage door back in working order. Don’t let a power outage leave you stranded, contact A Brooks Garage Door Repair and Installs for all your garage door repair needs.

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