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Frequently Asked Questions

How much to repair a garage door?

Your standard garage door repair can cost between $175-$300. This wont break the bank and its a lot cheaper than a complete garage door replacement. This price is inclusive of parts and labor in most situations. Though sometimes certain specialty materials must be ordered through my direct supplier which can cause roughly a 2-3 days to ship and install. Other non-essential parts such as wireless remotes and LED lights are typically in stock and ready to install. Expect less than a day turn around time in repairs and fixes. My services also include emergency repairs that may have caused your vehicle to become stuck in your garage. No matter what I will be there for you in a moments notice.

How much does a garage door spring repair cost?

On average for a spring replacement for a one car garage a customer can see a cost of around $350-$450. Most springs are interchangeable and I carry a wide variety of specialty springs for on demand needs. The door size, type and number of springs, number of doors, and location, will determine the final garage door spring replacement cost. Rest assured, no matter what the situation is we will find a solution to get your door functioning and operational once again.

Where to buy garage door replacement panels

You can purchase garage door panels directly from me! I have a large catalog of Garage door panels that you may choose from and you will be able to take advantage of my dealer discounts. Going and purchasing separate garage doors through third parties is also fine but be aware not all panel companies will provide all the parts and necessary items upon your initial order for proper install. I highly recommend using myself as a provider for your panels.

How much to install a new garage door?

On average a single car garage door installation can cost around to $900-$1200. This is usually your standard residential home or kit homes that this cost can fall under. With A Brooks you are guaranteed to get the best quote on your installation and parts. Prices are subject to vary on 1 & 2 car garage doors. Labor costs are always built into my quotes so you will never see any unexpected hidden fees or additional costs on parts. Call for a quote: (972)426-9270

How much to install garage door opener?

At A Brooks you can expect to save on garage door opener setups! I will program any garage door opener for you and for less. On average you can expect garage door opener costs and labor to range between $450-$1200 depending on the make and model openers. Let me do all the hard work for you whether you have a LiftMaster, Genie, or Chamberlain. I know how to service dozens of garage door brands.

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